Dear colleagues!

Our company specialises in manufacturing control equipment.

We aim - at improving the working conditions of the staff by monitoring the environmental conditions, caring about their health and safety. For that purpose, adhering to the policy of continuous improvement, we create devices for accurate measurement of the values of influencing factors.

Here you can:

  • find the information you are searching for using the menu available on every page of the site
  • learn about the latest scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other public events we participated in.
  • order the instruments with a 3% discount
  • learn about the checking and calibrating of our instruments
  • look through the various sections of our site, such as "New models" e.t.c.
  • We hope that with the help of our site you will be able to make an optimal choice of control equipment. We are looking forward to your letters, phone calls, orders, as well as remarks and suggestions about our products and the contents of the site.


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