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Here you will find the necessary information about the equipment developed and manufactured by our company with full technical and scientific support. «TKA» Scientific Instruments and sells working instruments for measuring physical environmental factors: illumination, illumination pulsation coefficient, brightness, total luminous flux, UV irradiance, chromaticity coordinates and color temperature of light sources, temperature and relative humidity of air, air flow rate, thermal (infrared) irradiance, atmospheric pressure and assessments of the energy efficiency of the optical radiation flux in photoculture conditions.
Our goal is to improve the working conditions of people by controlling the state of the environment, to take care of their health and safety, for which we, constantly improving, create means of objective measurement of impact factors.

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Instrumentation is an improvement opportunity worth taking advantage of .
It is difficult to imagine modern life without the use of electronics and multifunctional computers. Almost all processes occurring in everyday life, in production, require constant, fairly accurate measurement and control. In order for all technological processes to proceed without interruptions, and human health does not suffer, instrumentation and automation are used.

Measuring the conditions of the light environment in a room
Illumination  is one of the most important characteristics in assessing the quality of the light environment. A light environment that meets the standard allows a person to stay in the office space comfortably, to maximize their efficiency, as well as to ensure safety in the workplace.
To draw conclusions about the appropriate quality of lighting, it is customary to use the following devices:

  • Pulse meter . This control and measuring device allows for the period of oscillation to set the minimum, maximum and average value of illumination and automatically calculate the  coefficient of pulsation of illumination for the radiation source . It has been established that lighting pulsing at a frequency of more than 300 Hz, exceeding the permissible fusion frequency of light pulsations, is not perceived by the eye, but at the same time, from the results of scientific research, it can be concluded that such a circumstance has a negative effect on the human body.
  • Light meter . This device is used to measure the degree of  illumination, which is created thanks to various light sources. It has been scientifically proven that indoor lighting has a strong effect on well-being, visual performance and, as a result, labor productivity. The desire to increase operational efficiency has led to the fact that these days this measuring device is used for certification of workplaces almost everywhere. It is difficult to overestimate its relevance at enterprises, in medical and educational institutions, centers of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision. Those who have already managed to buy a digital lux meter highly praise this device for its low weight and compact size, which will allow it to be used in mobile conditions. The devices are powered by batteries that last long enough due to energy saving.
  • The spectrocolorimeter is  designed to measure the correlated color temperature and chromaticity coordinates of light sources. Based on what kind of activity is carried out in certain lighting conditions, it is also determined what kind of color correction is required for these conditions.
  • Luminous flux meter .  The device is designed to measure the total  luminous flux of  LEDs using the “ integrating  sphere”method(“Ulbricht’s sphere”).
  • We offer equipment with  photometric  complexes based on an integrating sphere for launching photometric laboratories.

Control over the microclimate of the room
Another important condition not only for human health, but also for certain property in the room, is the presence of a favorable microclimate. Indoor climatic conditions are monitored by  devices for determining microclimate indicators . These instruments produce measurements of environment parameters:  relative humidity ,  temperature , wet bulb temperature,  air speed ,  air pressure ,  THC  and  WBGT indexes and more. The issues of microclimate control in preschool and medical institutions are especially relevant. In libraries, art galleries, museums, control of the microclimate is also no less important, because the lifespan of the stored cultural heritage depends on how well it is adjusted.

  • A portable anemometer  is a device for measuring wind speed. The digital anemometer shows the measured wind speed on the LCD. We offer to buy an anemometer for solving practical problems, taking into account the range and measurement error, the degree of protection of the anemometer from the effects of aggressive environmental factors.
  • Thermo-anemometers , which have advanced functionality and allow, in addition to speed, to measure the temperature of the air flow ВВВ, you can buy from us. Anemometers have a comfortable ergonomic body of both the main unit and the external sensor. For the manufacture of the case, a reliable and durable plastic material is used. Remote sensors are connected to the main unit with a special stretchable cable, allowing measurements to be made at some distance from the main unit, which increases the mobility during measurements. Autonomous power supply of anemometers is carried out from batteries, the life of which is quite long due to the energy saving function integrated into the devices.
  • The  microclimate of a  room is influenced mainly by two interrelated indicators:  temperature  and  humidity . A thermohygrometer is used to measure the temperature and humidity of the air  . By controlling temperature and humidity, you can fight mold and mildew in the room, which will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on microclimatic conditions. You can buy a digital thermo-hygrometer to assess the quality of the microclimate in industrial premises, workplaces, and at home. They are compact, have simple control, high measurement accuracy.
  • To reproduce the set values ​​of relative humidity in vapor-gas mixtures, Working Standards Wet gas generators can be used   for certification tests, verification and calibration of humidity measuring instruments, as well as for scientific research.