Scientific developments

The scientific and calibration center of the “TKA” enterprise is equipped with modern, including unique, equipment, which ensures the performance of calibration and verification (by Test-St. Petersburg) works during the production of devices of the “TKA” series. For each type of instrument, there is an approved metrological assurance of measurements and standards of the corresponding level, the state verification of which is annually carried out in authorized organizations of the State Standard of the Russian Federation.

The specialists of the center conduct consultations on the possibility of using devices for solving specific problems and give recommendations on the selection of appropriate devices. On the instructions of ministries, departments and individual customers, research and development work is carried out, related to both the development of new types of devices, and research into the impact of physical factors on material objects and the study of the changes occurring in this connection.

Our company carries out research and development work. At your request, research will be carried out in the field of devices that measure the physical factors of the environment. We also develop samples of new products and their design documentation. In the process of concluding a contract, it is possible to order a full development cycle or its individual parts.
Research and development work (R&D) is carried out by highly qualified specialists and scientists in the production and sale of working tools that measure physical, chemical and optical quantities.

We will carry out a number of R&D and manufacture the device in accordance with your requirements and preferences.
Scientific and technical enterprise “TKA” is engaged in the production of:

  • radiometers,
  • photometers,
  • spectrodensitometers,
  • spectrocolorimeters,
  • wet gas generators,
  • medical devices,
  • devices for measuring microclimate parameters,
  • combined devices that are capable of measuring several physicochemical and optical parameters simultaneously.

The devices under development have quality certificates, warranty cards and detailed operating instructions. We are licensed to carry out activities for the manufacture and repair of measuring instruments. When performing new research, an analysis is made of not only domestic, but also foreign experience.

New developments consist of modern high-quality components: high-precision platinum sensors, reliable batteries, large and convenient displays for displaying results. It is possible to develop an additional program that will allow you to connect the device to a computer. The manufactured equipment is thoroughly checked and worked out.

The certification is carried out by leading experts in the field of measurement technology. Thanks to a serious attitude towards the development of devices, they work for a long time and efficiently. Our company is constantly evolving and looks confidently into the future. We try to meet all the needs of our customers as accurately as possible. You are required to provide requirements for device development or scientific research, and we will fulfill them.

We are included in the  register of reliable partners , which means that working with us, you will receive high-quality professional equipment and effective scientific developments.

1. Colorimetric and photometric characteristics of signal lights and contrasting colors of self-luminous light sources.

2. Spectrophotometers “TKA-Spectrum”.

3. Testing of personal protective equipment (PPE) of the eyes for protection from coarse aerosols (dust).

4. Registration of the decomposed UV radiation by a photodiode ruler with microprocessor control.

5. Provision of measurement of optical density of photographic materials.

6. Devices for the rapid assessment of the energy efficiency of the optical radiation flux in the conditions of photoculture.