History of the enterprise

Scientific and technical enterprise “TKA” (NTP “TKA”) was registered in January 1991 and is a limited liability company.
NTP “TKA” is a developer and manufacturer of optical measuring instruments and a leading supplier of these products in the Russian market. Since 1999, the company has been producing devices for measuring microclimate parameters (meters for temperature, humidity and air velocity). All devices have passed State tests, are included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and are recommended for equipping organizations performing control and supervisory functions.
NTP “TKA” carries out research and development work, both for their own needs and on orders from ministries, departments, organizations and enterprises.
In 2001, NTP “TKA” received state accreditation of a scientific organization in accordance with the Federal Law “On Science and State Scientific and Technical Policy”.
NTP “TKA” has its own production and research base, is equipped with modern technology and has highly qualified specialists.
The enterprise has established close cooperation with universities. NTP “TKA” participates in the training of specialists who know the basics of measuring indoor microclimate parameters. This knowledge, applied in practice, will become an additional incentive for the improvement of measuring technology. We also hope to use the interest of students and young professionals in new developments and involve them in work on specific projects. Since 2002, the company has organized practical training for students in the specialties of lighting engineering and photometry. Two teaching aids have been published.


In 2002, the metrological service of the enterprise received state accreditation for the right to carry out calibration work, a calibration center was organized and operated until 2013. The fleet of reference and test equipment continues to be constantly updated, which undergoes a mandatory verification or calibration procedure in accredited centers. The Metrology Center  carries out exploratory and applied research, design and development work in various areas of lighting technology. Since 2007, the laboratories of the Department of Optics and Photometry and the Department of Microclimate have retained a high scientific and technical potential, including doctors of technical sciences, candidates of sciences and highly qualified professionally trained specialists.
Since 2004 the company has been working in the quality management system GOST ISO 9001-2015  (ISO 9001: 2015).
In 2012, the company was nominated for the title of “Best Entrepreneur of St. Petersburg”.

In 2012, the company was nominated in the competition for the title of “Best Entrepreneur of St. Petersburg”.

The general director of the “Scientific and technical enterprise” TKA “Tomskiy Konstantinovich Abramovich has repeatedly given interviews at the Small Business Forums.

The products of NTP “TKA” were repeatedly awarded with diplomas and certificates at international conferences, exhibitions and fairs, were supplied, after winning a tender, under the TASIS program, are exported to a number of foreign countries.
NTP “TKA” has an extensive dealer network on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries, indicated in the list of dealers with whom the company most actively cooperates.
Since 2010, the demand for working instruments for measuring optical radiation and microclimate parameters has been constantly growing. This is due to the release of a large number of new types of lighting devices, the use of radiation in technological processes, as well as increased requirements for the control of physical environmental factors that affect the human body.

A wide variety of manufactured measuring instruments allows the consumer to make the most rational choice. The upward trend in the cost of energy resources makes it necessary to carefully consider the cost of spending on their consumption. For some activities (eg museums, banks, sports arenas), electricity bills can be a large part of the cost.

Reports on the activities of our enterprise were shown in the program  “Industrial Club”  on the channel “St. Petersburg”, in the thematic program of the channel “100 TV”.

The approach of our company to the creation of new types of measuring instruments has changed along with the development of the enterprise and the motivational behavior of product consumers.

The enterprise includes the Department of  Medical Devices , which has launched the production of a new type of medical devices: gas analyzers for non-invasive diagnostics of helicobacteriosis ” HELICOSENSE “. Devices that have no analogues in the world help to preserve the health of tens and hundreds of thousands of people due to early diagnosis. Thanks to the new non-invasive technique developed by the authors of the invention, non-invasiveness is achieved, the time is reduced and the cost of the examination is minimized. The devices have passed medical and technical  tests  and have a registration certificate from the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development, and are included in the State Register of Medical Products and Medical Equipment.

In 2020, a new version of the “GastroTest” device is presented. The device is recommended for conducting mass surveys of the population, including for field diagnostics. As a result of the examination, the urease activity of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium in the patient’s stomach is determined, which produces a large amount of the urease enzyme, which breaks down urea to form ammonia.

In September 2016, on the air of the channel  “LOT”  in the program “Business Panorama” a story about the NTP “TKA” was shown.

Report by Konstantin Abramovich Tomskiy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, General Director of Scientific and Technical Enterprise TKA LLC, presented at the International Conference on the Application of LED Phytoradiators in Moscow on September 10, 2019.

The main goal of any entrepreneur is to develop his business and benefit our society. In turn, the government of St. Petersburg has once again organized the city competition “The Best Entrepreneur”, in which for more than 10 years the best achievements and ideas embodied by the entrepreneurs of the city on the Neva have been highlighted. Scientific and Technical Enterprise TKA LLC also presented its developments in the field of measuring technology.

Our enterprise was the first in Russia to start producing photometers (TKA-01/3 luxmeter + UV radiometer) in accordance with the amended ICO Recommendations. For 30 years, more than 30,000 instruments for measuring optical radiation parameters have been produced. We produce: – light meters (lux meters) – brightness meters (brightness meters) – light pulsation meters (pulse meters) – UV radiometers – luminous flux meters – spectrocolorimeters and spectroradiometers. According to experts, at least 70% of lighting specialists use TKA devices to measure the characteristics of light sources. Devices with the “TKA” brand have repeatedly won the “Best Device of the Year” and “Best Innovative Product” contests.