Scientific and Technical Enterprise «TKA» Production of high-precision measuring instruments for special assessment of working conditions

Photometers, radiometers, light meters, brightness meters, UV radiometers and light pulse meters

Devices for determining microclimate indicators, thermometers, anemometers and hygrometers

Anemometers, thermo-hygrometers, lux meters, brightness meters and radiometers

Spectrocolorimeters and spectrophotometers, spectrodensitometers, meters for color temperature, chromaticity coordinates and color rendering index

Wet gas generators, humidity chambers

An autonomous data logger is designed to measure the relative humidity and air temperature, atmospheric pressure and record them into the internal memory.

Joint research and development, projects, implementation of technical solutions and development of measuring instruments

Communication cables, accessories and software for TKA devices

The basics of lighting engineering, parameters and characteristics of radiation sources are presented, special attention is paid to emitting LEDs and sources of coherent radiation.

PDF leaflets and catalogs for download

List of documents for TKA products

Certificates, licenses, appraisals and patents.

30 Years of Manufacturing Experience

NTP "TKA" is a developer and manufacturer of optical measuring devices and a leading supplier of these products in the Russian market. Since 1999, the company has been producing instruments for measuring microclimate parameters (meters for temperature, humidity and air velocity). All devices have passed State tests, are included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and are recommended for equipping organizations performing control and supervisory functions.