Combined devices

Anemometers, thermo-hygrometers, lux meters, brightness meters and radiometers

Do you need to measure several physical-chemical and optical-physical quantities?
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the product catalog of our company.

In the catalog of measuring instruments we offer combinations:

  • thermohygrometer, luxmeter
  • thermohygrometer, light meter and brightness meter;
  • thermohygrometer, luxmeter and UV radiometer;
  • anemometer, thermo-hygrometer and luxmeter;
  • anemometer, thermo-hygrometer, light meter and brightness meter;
  • anemometer, thermo-hygrometer, luxmeter and UV radiometer;
  • anemometer, thermo-hygrometer, light meter, brightness meter and UV radiometer.

The combination of a thermohygrometer, a light meter and a brightness meter in one device allows you to quickly and accurately measure the value of relative humidity, air temperature and lighting. This data helps to control the working conditions at the enterprise.

The combination of a thermohygrometer, a light meter and a UV radiometer allows you to measure illumination parameters from the visible range and from the side of UV radiation. The device is used to determine the optimal working conditions in public places such as schools, hospitals, archives, museums, etc. He is the leader in sales in the countries of the customs union.

The catalog of measuring devices brings to your attention a universal device, which, in addition to measuring illumination, relative humidity and air temperature, is also able to determine the speed of air movement.

Advantages of buying combination appliances from our catalog:

  • reduction of time for measuring several quantities in one room;
  • high quality of products – confirmed by certificates;
  • complete set: bag, shipping container, passport, operating manual and batteries;
  • wide scope of use: from industrial enterprises and organizations of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision to agriculture;
  • verification of the device is already included in its price.

By studying the catalog of measuring instruments, you have the opportunity to choose a specific device that suits your requirements and preferences.