An autonomous data logger is designed to measure the relative humidity and air temperature, atmospheric pressure and record them into the internal memory.

This device has the function of transferring data both via USB and Wi-Fi, with the possibility of combining several such devices into a measuring and information network and then displaying the measurement results on the PC monitor screen using special software included in the delivery set of the device.

Data loggers (loggers) – a measuring device for fixing measured values. Standalone loggers are small and lightweight and are often used as portable devices. Loggers have built-in memory, the range of the polling period, the memory operating mode (cyclical or one-time until it is full) are adjustable.

In meters-recorders of microclimate parameters, the sensitive element of temperature and humidity is located on the printed circuit board under a protective cap with holes. Additionally, our loggers with the letter “D” have a built-in sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure.

The produced recorders, with the exception of the “TKA-PKL” (25) -D model, are included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Russia and can be supplied with initial verification. We also offer periodic calibration of our devices at a favorable price.