Wet gas generators

Wet gas generators, humidity chambers

A device that generates a stream of steam and air with the desired level of humidity is called a wet gas generator. Its principle of operation is based on mixing dry and humidified air flows, and devices of this type are considered to be the standards of the first category. The scope of their application is limited to industrial and scientific research: a wet gas generator can be found in laboratories of research institutes, in metrological organizations, as well as in enterprises where calibration and verification of means that measure air humidity are required. The model presented on our website has a number of advantages:

  • Control by means of an electronic module.
  • No need to connect external gas tanks.
  • High-precision instrument readings.
  • Three-mode principle of operation with a choice of one of the control methods.
  • Constant technical support and regular firmware updates.
  • Long service life.
  • Affordable price for an extended set of functions and device verification.

The generator is manufactured in full compliance with quality standards and has a factory warranty. You can order this device from us quickly and easily, and for an additional fee we will deliver and debug the device at the workplace.