Humidity chamber “TKA-KVL-03”

Humidity chamber “TKA-KVL-03”




The humidity chamber is designed to maintain in its working volume (8.3  liters ) the vapor-gas mixture coming from an external source. It is recommended to use the “TKA-GVL-01” wet gas generator as an external source of the vapor-gas mixture. Rectangular working chamber measuring 161x260x200  mm .


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      Main technical characteristics

      Range of variation and maintenance of relative air humidity for a rectangular working chamber (volume 8.3  liters ) from 4 to 96%
      Limits * of the permissible basic absolute error of measuring relative humidity at a temperature of 22 ± 3  0 С

      – for a rectangular working chamber (volume 8.3  liters )

      ± 1.5 (2.0)%
      rel. ow.
      Limits * of the permissible additional absolute error in measuring the relative humidity when the ambient temperature changes from normal (22 ± 3  0 С  ) in the range from 10 to 35 0 С , for every 10  0 С  temperature change

      – for a rectangular working chamber (volume 8.3 liters)

      ± 1.5 (2.0)% rel. ow.
      Discreteness of setting the levels of relative humidity (from an external humidity generator of the TKA-GVL-01 type) 1.0%
      Accuracy of maintaining the set humidity level (not worse) 2.0%
      Operating conditions of the camera: Ambient temperature –
      normal operating conditions
      – operating temperature range
      Relative air humidity at a temperature of 25 0  С  ( no more)
      22 ± 3  0 S
      10… 35  0 S
      Camera Power, Single Phase AC 220 V, 50 Hz
      Power consumption (no more) 10 watts
      Overall dimensions (WxHxD) (no more) 570x440x360 mm
      Internal dimensions of the working chamber (WxHxD) (no more) 161x260x200 mm
      Weight (no more) 15 Kg


      Note *: an   error of 1.5% – when using an exemplary thermo-hygrometer of the Rotronic Hygropalm type mod. HP-22A as a control; error of 2.0% – when using the TKA-KVLT thermohygrometer built into the chamber.

      Device advantages

      • The ability to conduct temperature and humidity studies of devices in wide ranges of temperature and relative humidity.
      • Long service life.
      • Manufacturer support.

      The humidity chamber is designed to maintain in its working volume (8.3 liters) the vapor-gas mixture coming from an external source. It is recommended to use the “TKA-GVL-01” wet gas generator as an external source of the vapor-gas mixture.

      The humidity chamber is structurally a monoblock with a rectangular working chamber  (161x260x200)  mm in size and 8.3 liters in volume  . The chamber has a transparent door equipped with a twist lock to keep it closed. The transparent door has four holes that can be closed with the supplied screw caps. The central hole in the transparent door is intended for the installation of an external (reference) thermo-hygrometer. An elastic plate is located in the lower right part of the door, designed for hermetically sealed lead from the tested devices into the working chamber.  In the rear part of the working chamber there is a control sensor of the built-in thermohygrometer  TKA-KVLT designed to measure temperature and humidity in the working chamber.

      The information display of the built-in thermohygrometer “TKA-KVLT” is located on the front panel of the chamber and is designed to display four parameters of the vapor-gas mixture in the working chamber:
      percentage of relative humidity, temperature, dew point temperature, and wet bulb temperature. On the rear panel of the camera there is a USB connector – the output of the built-in TKA-KVLT thermo-hygrometer, intended for its connection to a PC. On the front panel of the chamber there is an inlet adapter designed to supply a vapor-gas mixture to the chamber from an external source, for example, from a wet gas generator “TKA-GVL-01”.

      Provision of services in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements: calibration, calibration and verification of relative humidity meters, in testing laboratories, in centers of standardization and metrology, in production.

      1. Калибратор влажности ”ТКА-КВЛ-04-2” – 1 шт.
      2. Руководство по эксплуатации, паспорт – 1 комп.
      3. Гигрометр Hygropalm HP23 – 1 шт(по запросу).
      4. Кабель сетевого питания генератора, предохранитель 1А (2 шт.) – 1 комп.
      5. Воздушный шланг с быстросъёмными адаптерами, предназначен
      для подключения входа камеры к выходу генератора влажного газа (или к внешней газовой магистрали) – 1 шт.
      6. Заглушка для входного порта – 1 шт.
      7. Полка для размещения приборов в камере – 1 шт.
      8. Кабель для подключения USB-выхода камеры к ПК –  1 шт.
      9. Электронный носитель с программным обеспечением для работы с ПК – 1 шт.
      10. Транспортная  упаковка – 1 шт.