Luminous flux meter “TKA-KK1”

Luminous flux meter “TKA-KK1”



90000 руб.

  • Luminous flux : from 1 to 2,000 lm.
  • Sphere diameter 140 mm for installing LEDs  up to 14 mm in diameter .
  • The price includes factory calibration.
  • TU 4486-016-16796024-2011

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      Main technical data and characteristics

      Luminous flux measurement range 1 ÷ 2000 lm
      Basic relative error of luminous flux measurements ± 10.0%

      Overall dimensions of the device

      Measuring unit (no more) 155 x 77 x 40 mm
      Measuring ball (no more) 180 x 180 x 180 mm
      Diameter of the entrance window for LED (no more) 20.0 mm
      Device weight (no more) 2.0KG
      Battery – Krona battery standard size 9 in

      Significant advantages of the TKA-KK1 luminous flux meter over analogues

      • There are no direct domestic analogues
      • Simplicity and ease of use
      • Real-time value definitions
      • Low power consumption
      • Affordable price

      The device is designed to measure the total luminous flux of LEDs by the “integrating sphere” method (“Ulbricht Spheres”), in lumens.

      Structurally, the device consists of two functional blocks. The sphere diameter is 140 mm, the light receiver is a photodiode located in the lower hemisphere. The measuring unit is made in the form of a ball on a rigid base, the ball is an “integrating sphere”. It has an entrance tube for installing LEDs up to 14 mm in diameter and replaceable diaphragms included in the kit for positioning LEDs with diameters of 3, 5, 9 mm.

      The integrating sphere inside is painted with white, diffusely reflecting paint with a reflectance ρ = 96%. The geometric dimensions of the entrance window and the seat for the measured LED are shown in the figure.

      Ambient temperature from 0 to +50 ° C
      Relative air humidity at an ambient temperature of 25 ° С 65 ± 15%
      Atmosphere pressure 80 ÷ 110 kPa


      • Luminous flux meter “TKA-KK1”
      • Interchangeable diaphragm set
      • Alkaline battery type “Krona” (6F22)
      • Manual
      • Transport container