Spectrocolorimeter “TKA-VD”

Spectrocolorimeter “TKA-VD”



294000 руб.

Measurement of  chromaticity coordinates  and  calculation of the  correlated color temperature of light sources in the international colorimetric system CIE 1931 and 1976. Two  replaceable optoelectronic units . Included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. Data output to PC. Spectrocolorimeter with factory calibration (check the cost of verification upon request) .

  • TU 4437-007-16796024-2009
  • No. 44179-10 in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation
  • Production time up to 30 working days after payment.
  • KZ.02.03.06735-2015 / 44179-10 in the State Register of SI of Kazakhstan
  • Calibration interval 1 year.
  • Firmware: v. 12.1 (19.11.2015)
  • On request, the devices undergo initial verification (agree on the delivery time and the price of initial verification when placing an order).

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      Structurally “TKA-VD” consists of three functional blocks:
      – 01 “Brightness” (replaceable optoelectronic unit with a cable, input lens ø21 with an enlightened lens),
      – 02 “Illumination” (replaceable optoelectronic unit with a cable, input window with a  cylindrical cosine nozzle luxmeter  ø17),
      – a signal processing unit with a 15-pin connector for connecting a replaceable optoelectronic unit, with a keyboard and a two-line character display with backlight.
      The device has a unique ability to determine the values ​​of the correlated color temperature in real time and measure the exact values ​​of the coordinates of the chromaticity of the radiation source using a special program protected Certificate of official registration of the computer program No. 2003612396 .

      Main technical data and characteristics

       A type Direct measurement method
       Receiver (for reference) Polychromator, 128-pixel silicon solar cell array
       Optical range (for reference) 390 ÷ 760 nm
       Field of view (for block 01) (for reference) 2nd
      Correlated Color Temperature Reading  Ranges 1600 ÷ 16000 K
      Chromaticity Coordinate   Measurement Ranges x = 0.004 ÷ 0.734; y = 0.005 ÷ 0.834

      u ‘= 0.007 ÷ 0.623; v ‘= 0.005 ÷ 0.595

       Working Illumination Limits (Thermal ICs) 10 ÷ 20,000 lx
       Working brightness limits (thermal ICs) 10 ÷ 20,000 cd / m2


       Limits of the permissible value of the absolute error of measuring the  chromaticity coordinates  x, y
       – sources with a continuous radiation spectrum ± 0.005
       – other sources ± 0.02
       The limit of the permissible value of the basic relative
      measurement error of the correlated color temperature (no more)


       Overall dimensions of the device (no more)
       Display (for reference) 2-line 16 character LCD with LED backlight
       Threaded connector  for mounting on a tripod 1/4 ″
       Display and power supply unit 165x85x35 mm
       Optoelectronic unit (no more) 240x70x70 mm


       Device weight (no more) 2.5KG
       A NiMH rechargeable battery is used to power the devices – Krona battery standard size 8.4V


      Also,  at the request of the customer, the  device can be produced with the following execution options: “TKA-VD” / 01 and “TKA-VD” / 02 with one of the non-replaceable unit selected by the customer without a connector.

      The optoelectronic unit of the TKA-VD spectrocolorimeter is a polychromator: the input optical radiation generated by the objective is decomposed into a spectrum on a concave diffraction grating and focused on a diode array, from which a signal is taken for further processing and calculation of the measured parameters. A device with a linear detector with a fixed position of the diffraction grating has no moving parts, which makes it possible to simultaneously record a relatively wide visible spectral region with imaging.

      Switching between the modes of the instrument Spectrocolorimeter “TKA-VD” on the LCD is performed in a closed cycle by pressing the “Mode” button:

      one Measurement of  luminance  L, cd / m  (or  light  E lx) and  chromaticity coordinates  (x, y) in the CIE system 31
      2 Measurement of  luminance  L, cd / m 2  (or  light  E lx) and  chromaticity coordinates  (u ‘, v’) in the CIE 76
      3 Display  color coordinates  X, Y, Z
      four Display of  correlated color temperature  T c , K

      The device Spectrocolorimeter “TKA-VD” has the ability to display information in two ways: on the built-in LCD and dumping data via the RS – 232 interface (virtual USB). Updating the data output depends on the brightness level of the light source and takes up to 5 seconds.

      Main advantages

      • Compactness and ease of use
      • Information output to the built-in LCD
      • There are no direct domestic analogues
      • Real-time value definitions
      • Own program for communication with PC
      • Low power consumption
      • Simplicity and ease of use
      • The optoelectronic unit contains a photometric nut (1/4 inch thread) for mounting on a tripod.

      One of the important aspects in the organization of labor in an enterprise, in an organization for the sale of goods or the provision of services is the measurement of conditions at the workplace, and for this, with the help of instruments, a study of the correct illumination of color design is carried out. Our spectrocolorimeter “TKA-VD” is suitable for measuring color coordinates and calculating the color temperature of light sources with high accuracy. This device will also be an indispensable tool when installing digital cinemas or calibrating monitors. This spectrocolorimeter “TKA-VD”, the price of which is quite low for a device of this class, is popular both in large organizations and among private clients who care about the compliance of their work or study place with the requirements of GOST.

      The device is designed to measure chromaticity coordinates and  calculate the correlated color temperature of light sources in the international colorimetric system CIE 1931. and 1976, in the plane of illumination created by normally located sources, or in the mode of measuring the brightness of self-luminous surfaces by an overhead method or the brightness of remote extended luminous surfaces and a cinema screen.

      • Spectrocolorimeter “TKA-VD” (three functional blocks).
      • NiMH rechargeable battery (8.4 V, Krona size, 6F22)
      • Battery charging adapter
      • PC communication cable (USB Am-Bm)
      • Storage medium with software
      • Manual
      • Passport
      • Appliance bag
      • Transport container

      To receive data it is necessary to use the “Spectrophotometer” program (a unique data reset protocol).
      The software is designed to work with individual single-channel devices via the RS – 232C interface using a computer USB port. The delivery set includes a PC communication cable (USB cable of the Am – Bm type).
      The free software is designed to more clearly display all measured and calculated parameters on one screen. All photometric parameters of the lighting device obtained during the measurement can be transferred to a Microsoft Excel book. Open digital data reset protocol allows use in third-party monitoring systems.
      System requirements:

      • IBM compatible computer;
      • operating system XP / Seven / 10;
      • free USB port.

      Features of the Spectrophotometer software:

      • reading and displaying values ​​in real time;
      • data export to MS Excel and TXT, BMP files;
      • autoscanning the connection of the device to the PC;
      • data retrieval error control.

      Download the Program >>