Spectrophotometer “TKA-Spectr” (PAR)

Spectrophotometer “TKA-Spectr” (PAR)




TU 4437-017-16796024-2012.

  • Spectrophotometer “TKA-Spectr” (PAR)
  • Cosine corrector-attenuator
  • NiMH rechargeable battery (Krona size, 6F22, 8.4 V)
  • Battery charging adapter
  • PC communication cable (USB Am-Bm)
  • Storage medium with software
  • Manual
  • Passport
  • Appliance bag
  • Transport container

Energy illumination [mW / m²] in the ranges: PAR (400-700) nm ,
PAR syn (400-500) nm , PAR green (500-600) nm , PAR red (600-700) nm, PAR FR (700- 790) nm .
Calculation of the density of the photosynthetic photon flux PPFD [ µmol / s / m² ].
Information output to LCD and PC via USB port.
Supplied factory calibrated. Terms of delivery 100% prepayment.
Firmware v. 4.0.6_par (28.01.2018).


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      The complete set of the device Spectrophotometer “TKA-Spectrum” (PAR):

      • Spectrophotometer “TKA-Spectr” (PAR)
      • Cosine corrector-attenuator
      • NiMH rechargeable battery (Krona size, 6F22, 8.4 V)
      • Battery charging adapter
      • PC communication cable (USB Am-Bm)
      • Flash drive with software
      • Manual
      • Passport
      • Appliance bag
      • Transport container

      Main technical data and characteristics of the device:

      Full irradiance measurement range
      (two measurement modes: with and without attenuator)
      100 ÷ 600,000 mW / m²
      (calibration by type A source)
      Expanded uncertainty limit for the irradiation channel, no more,% 10.0
      Measurement mode Continuous / Pause
      Spectral range, nm 400 ÷ 790
      Basic relative error of irradiance measurements (no more) ± 8.0%
      Receiver Polychromator, 128-pixel silicon solar cell array
      Scan step , nm 3.33
      Spectral line width (FWHM), nm 9.9
      Integration time range (measurement), ms 16 ÷ 4096
      Updating the data output depends on the irradiance level of the light source and takes up to 5 seconds.

      Electrical data of the device:

      • Display: liquid crystal LCD – 2 lines of 16 characters.
      • Protocol: The original open digital protocol.
      • Power supply: NiMH rechargeable battery 6HR61 8.4 V , 170 ÷ 250 mAh.
      • Charger: via AC adapter.

      Mechanical data of the device:

      • Ambient temperature: + 5 … + 40 ° C
      • Weight of the device with power supply: no more than 2.0 kg
      • Dimensions:
        • indication and power supply unit: 165 (L) x85 (B) x35 (H) mm ;
        • optoelectronic unit (OEB): 240 (L) x72 (B) x65 (H) mm ;
        • mains charger adapter: 75 (L) x46 (B) x70 (H) mm .

      On the bottom side of the SEU there is a threaded socket (1/4 ″) for mounting on a tripod.

      The device is designed to measure:

      • absolute spectral distribution of light sources and lighting devices in the range from 400 to 790 nm;
      • irradiance (irradiance) in W / ;
      • photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD in µmol / s / m² .

      The device has proven itself well in research at the design stage of new LED greenhouse phytolamps and in assessing the energy efficiency of a lighting device during operation.

      In world practice, an agreement has been adopted that allows us to define and measure the PAR irradiance as a falling quantum flux in the range from 400 to 700 nm without involving any experimental plant reactions . For a quantitative transition from units of energy power to units of luminous power, we use a standard expression (see “Lighting measurements” by MG Kozlov, KA Tomsky, p.37).

      The input lens design includes a cosine corrector. The aperture of the cosine corrector is 180 ° and makes it possible to exclude a number of problems of optical-geometric matching. Additionally, the device is equipped with a cosine corrector-attenuator. Direct measurements in two modes.

      Spectrophotometer “TCA-Spectrum ‘(FAS) is directly reading device with output zonal values of irradiance on the display in mW / m 2 and the quantum efficiency PPFD in micromol / s / m² in four zones B / G / R / FR (blue, green, red, far red).


      Summary table of LCD working screens of the device Spectrophotometer “TKA-Spectrum” (PAR)

      Thanks to a careful selection of the functions used and the displayed parameters, it was possible to minimize the number of various menus and screens. The size of the displayed characters allows you to confidently read the instrument readings up to one meter.
      The interface part of the software (freeware) Spectrophotometer (@ M ‘Windows) is used to display the received data both in tabular and graphical form, to save the measurement results.