Thermohygrometer “TKA-PKM” (20)

Thermohygrometer “TKA-PKM” (20)



16020 руб.

  • Relative humidity: 5 to 98% rel. ow. main abs. error ± 3.0% rel. ow.
  • Air temperature: from -30 to +60 ° С, main abs. error ± 0.2 ° C.
  • Included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. Price includes verification.
  • Operating conditions: from -30 to +60 ° С.
  • No. 24248-09 in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation
  • KZ.02.03.01379-2021/24248-04 in the State Register of the SI of Kazakhstan
  • No. 02.2662-15 in the State Register of SI of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • RB 03 09 2660 20 in the State Register of SI of the Republic of Belarus
  • No. 38006 SI for military use
  • EAEU Declaration N RU D-RU.NA.41.B.01395 / 18 until 09.12.2023
  • TU 4215-003-16796024-2016 with rev. 2

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      Main technical characteristics

      Measurement range of  relative humidity 5 ÷ 98%
      Limits of the basic absolute error of relative humidity measurements at air temperatures from +15 to +25 ° С ± 3.0% rel. ow.
      Limits of permissible additional absolute error of relative humidity measurements when the air temperature changes by every 10 ° С in the range from -30 to +15 and over + 25 to +60 ° С ± 3.0% rel. ow.
      Air temperature measurement range from -30 to +60 ° C
      Limits of the basic absolute error of air temperature measurements at air temperatures from +15 to +25 ° С ± 0.2 ° C
      Limits of additional absolute error of air temperature measurements at air temperature, ° С
      from -30 to -10 inclusive
      above -10 to +15 inclusive
      above +25 to +45 inclusive
      above +45 to +60
      ± 0.3 ° C
      ± 0.1 ° C
      ± 0.1 ° C
      ± 0.3 ° C


      Overall dimensions of the device (no more):
      – signal processing and indication unit (134 x 70 x 24) mm
      – remote sensor (measuring head) (235 x 20 x 20) mm
      Device weight (no more) 0.25 kg
      Two batteries – AA battery size 3 in


      Device weight (no more) 0.35 kg
      Two (four) AA batteries 3.0V


      Increased speed, improved performance, high precision platinum temperature sensor, low power consumption, affordable price.

      Thermohygrometer “TKA-PKM” (20) is an electronic device designed to establish the level of air humidity and its temperature. A reliable and multifunctional thermo-hygrometer, the price that will not be overpriced, is presented in our store. Thermohygrometer “TKA-PKM” (20) is an improved modification that has a number of advantages, in addition to high-precision and high-speed measurement of air indicators:

      • Convenient, more compact body.
      • Control is carried out using buttons.
      • The price of a thermohygrometer includes its verification with the requirements of metrology.
      • A large LCD screen, which displays measurement values, displays the battery level, the choice of operating mode and other important information.
      • Longer operating time, which is achieved thanks to battery power and the energy saving function, in which the TKA-PKM thermo-hygrometer turns off after 10 minutes if not in use.
      • Expanded range of functions: now the humidity and temperature indicators can be fixed on the display.

      Thermohygrometer “TKA-PKM” (20) buy at an attractive price

      When choosing a device for physical measurements of the environment, a lot means not only accuracy, but also the price of the device. If you need a functional and high-quality thermohygrometer, the cost of which will be quite low, then the TKA-PKM thermohygrometer (20) will suit completely. Its scope is wide enough: industrial premises (workshops, warehouses, offices), social and cultural institutions (schools, universities, research centers, laboratories), medical institutions, etc. The price of Thermohygrometer “TKA-PKM” (20) is very low, which allows you to purchase it for an organization of any level. It is not only profitable, but also convenient to buy Thermohygrometer “TKA-PKM” (20) on our website: just a few clicks, and the product will be available for payment.

      Devices designed to measure the speed of air movement.

      Ambient temperature from -30 to +60 ° C
      Relative air humidity at an ambient temperature of 25 ° С up to 98%
      Atmosphere pressure 80 ÷ 110 kPa


      Sanitary and technical supervision in residential and industrial premises, museums, libraries, archives; certification of workplaces and other areas of activity.

      • Combined device “TKA-PKM” (20)
      • Battery type AA (2 pcs)
      • Manual
      • Passport
      • Appliance bag
      • Transport container