Luxmeter + Brightness meter “TKA-PKM” (02)

Luxmeter + Brightness meter “TKA-PKM” (02)



25950 руб.

  • Illumination : from 10 to 200,000 lux (PG ± 3.0%) in the visible region of the spectrum.
  • Brightness (overhead method): from 10 to 200,000 cd / m² (PG ± 3.0%).
  • Operating conditions: from -30 to +60 ° С.
  • Price includes verification.
  • No. 24248-09 in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation
  • KZ.02.03.01379-2021/24248-04 in the State Register of the SI of Kazakhstan
  • RB 03 09 2660 20 in the State Register of SI of the Republic of Belarus
  • EAEU Declaration N RU D-RU.NA.41.B.01395 / 18 until 09.12.2023
  • EAES nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade code 9025804000
  • TU 4215-003-16796024-2016 with rev. 2

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      Main technical characteristics

      Illumination measurement range 10 ÷ 200,000 lx
      Limits of the basic relative error of illumination measurements ± 8.0%
      Brightness measurement range 10 ÷ 200,000 cd / m2
      Limits of the basic relative error of brightness measurements ± 10.0%
      The limits of the additional relative error of the device when measuring optical quantities, due to the change in the sensitivity of the photometric head when the air temperature in the measurement zone changes by every 10 ° С in the range from -30 ° С to 15 ° С and from + 25 ° С to 60 ° С ± 3.0%

      The difference in the function of the relative spectral sensitivity of photodetectors is corrected to match the function of the relative spectral luminous efficiency of monochromatic radiation for daytime vision in accordance with GOST 8.332. 

      Overall dimensions of the device

      Information processing unit (no more) 130 x 70 x 30 mm
      Measuring head (no more) Ø50 x 30 mm
      Device weight (no more) 0.26 kg
      Battery – Krona battery standard size 9 in

      Significant advantages of the device Luxmeter “TKA-PKM” (06) over analogues

      The combination of a universal light meter and a brightness meter in one device allows, in accordance with the standards, to control the working conditions of personnel working with monitors and displays.

      Light meter + Brightness meter “TKA-PKM” (02): price and advantages of buying on our website

      Lighting measuring devices are available from specialized stores, and our site is where they are always available. If you need a high-quality and high-precision, with a minimum percentage of error, a brightness meter, which can be bought inexpensively, then this is where you will find such a device. All devices offered by us have been verified and have a factory quality guarantee, and the price of the brightness meters is minimally low. As for the acquisition process itself, it is very simple, and in just a couple of clicks you can buy a brightness meter for professional or amateur research.

      The device is designed to measure the brightness of extended self-luminous objects by the overhead method and the illumination in the visible region of the spectrum (380 ÷ 760) nm.
      The device is designed to measure the level of illumination in rooms, as well as the brightness of light sources. It is used quite successfully for research in laboratories and research centers, for state inspection of workplaces in large organizations and enterprises, as well as in computer labs in schools and IT companies.

      Sanitary and technical supervision in residential and industrial premises, museums, libraries, archives; certification of workplaces and other areas of activity.

      Ambient temperature from -30 to +60 ° C
      Relative air humidity at an ambient
      temperature of +25 ° С
      up to 98%
      Atmospheric pressure range 80 ÷ 110 kPa


      • Combined device “TKA-PKM” (02)
      • Battery type “Krona” (6F22)
      • Manual
      • Passport
      • Appliance bag
      • Transport container