UV-Radiometer with attenuating filter “TKA-PKM” (13)

UV-Radiometer with attenuating filter “TKA-PKM” (13)



90000 руб.

  • Measurements of high values ​​of irradiance for a long time. Three UV spectral ranges in one device.
  • Energy illumination  in the spectral ranges  UV-A or UV-B – from 10 to 60,000 mW / m² (GHG ± 5.0%);
  • The spectral range of  UV-C  (with integrated attenuating filter) – from 10 to 200 000 mW / m ²  (PG ± 5,0%).
  • Operating conditions: from -30 to +60 ° С.
  • Price includes verification.
  • No. 24248-09 in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation
  • KZ.02.03.01379-2021/24248-04 in the State Register of the SI of Kazakhstan
  • RB 03 09 2660 20 in the State Register of SI of the Republic of Belarus
  • EAEU Declaration N RU D-RU.NA.41.B.01395 / 18 until 09.12.2023
  • EAEU nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade code 9027500000
  • TU 4215-003-16796024-2016
  • “TKA-PKM” (13/S) – UV-C zone with integrated attenuating filter – from 10 to 200,000 MW/m2 (PG ± 5.0%).

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      Main technical characteristics

      Ranges of measurements of irradiance:

      in the UV-C spectral range (200-280 nm) 10 ÷ 200,000 mW / m²
      in the spectral range UV-A (315 ÷ 400) nm or UV-B (280 ÷ 315) nm 10 ÷ 60,000 mW / m²
      Limits of permissible basic relative error of irradiance measurements ± 10.0%
      Including nonlinearity of energy characteristics (no more)          ±3.0%
      Including margin of error due to the spatial response of the photometric head of the instrument in the range from 0 ° to 10 ° ±4.0%
      Including limit of calibration error for UV radiation source – high or low pressure mercury lamp ±5.0%
      The limits of the additional relative error of the device when measuring optical quantities, due to the change in the sensitivity of the photometric head when the air temperature in the measurement zone changes by every 10 ° С in the range from -30 ° С to 15 ° С and from + 25 ° С to 60 ° С ±3.0%
       Energy Exposure Indication Range  0.001 ÷ 5000 J / m 2


      Overall dimensions of the device

      Information processing unit (no more) 205 x 65 x 28 mm
      Measuring head (3 pcs) (no more) Ø40 x 30 mm
      Device weight (no more) 0.54 kg
      DC supply voltage (2хАА) 1.8 ÷ 3.4V


      Significant advantages of the device

      The use of one device for measuring radiation in three spectral ranges, compactness and ease of use.

      In almost every industrial enterprise and in large organizations, significant attention is paid to occupational safety and working conditions. One of the requirements is compliance with the level of UV radiation at a level that does not exceed the indicators specified in state standards. To measure this parameter, it is worth buying a device UV-Radiometer “TKA-PKM” (13). Such devices are suitable for testing workplaces in public institutions (schools, hospitals, libraries, scientific institutions, energy industries, etc.).

      Where is the best place to buy UV radiometers?

      Our store contains UV radiometers designed according to all the requirements specified in GOSTs, and their use is completely safe for the researcher, and the displayed values ​​are as accurate as possible. Each device is verified with reference measurement values. As for the cost, the price for a UV radiometer is relatively low, and its quality and wide scope of application makes this device one of the most demanded in its class. Therefore, if you want to buy a high-quality and accurate UV radiometer, the price of which will be quite affordable, then the device UV-Radiometer “TKA-PKM” (13) is your best choice.

      The devices are designed for separate measurement of irradiance in the spectral ranges:

      • in the UV-C spectral range (200 ÷ 280) nm
      • in the UV-B spectral range (280 ÷ 315) nm
      • in the UV-A spectral range (315 ÷ 400) nm

      A UV radiometer with an attenuating filter is specially designed for applications where high irradiance values ​​need to be measured for a long time. The attenuation filter is a non-removable element, it is included in the input lens.

      For serial measurements more than 5 minutes, the recommended pause between measurements is at least 30 minutes.

      Also, at the request of the customer, the UV-Radiometer “TKA-PKM” (13) can be produced with the following version:
      “TKA-PKM” (13 / C)  – one measuring head, in the UV-C spectral range (with an attenuating filter).
      For reference:  The model is ideal for measuring the level of irradiance generated by a germicidal lamp that produces shortwave UV radiation with a maximum of 253.7 nm.

      Areas of activity when it is required to measure high irradiance values ​​for a long time.

      Ambient temperature from -30 to +60 ° C
      Relative air humidity at an ambient temperature of 25 ° С up to 98%
      Atmospheric pressure range 80 ÷ 110 kPa


      • Combined device “TKA-PKM” (13)
      • Battery type “Krona” (6F22)
      • Manual
      • Passport
      • Appliance bag
      • Transport container